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AGROSOROS Launches a Branded CPP Line

An important phase of our company’s long-term development strategy has come to an end. We entered into the direct contracts with a CPP manufacturer. We are not only among the Top-3 Russian Distributors, but also a herbicide/fungicide trademark owner, effective today.

Our CPP production is a major project. The development of such project resulted from the hard work of high-class experts from various domains. The work was long and painstaking. Our customer feedback was deeply analyzed. In the end, the understanding of our farmers’ top priorities gradually came into light. We did our best to create a high-quality product that the market players would want to have.
Our agronomists tracked the performance of various agents in various climates. They tested a multitude of combinations and doses. The outcome was the development of several products.

The new AGROSOROS product line comprises the following products:
Avakss, EC — a systemic composite fungicide for the protection of crops
Garnizon, AS — a contact postemergent herbicide for the protection of crops
Herbix, SC — an annual dicotyledonous weed killer.

The dependable, efficient and high-quality products. An optimum value for money. We strongly believe that our customers will do justice to our products. Special discounts offered at the sales start. For more information, call 8 (800) 444-41-07.