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SIPCAM is one of the most famous Italian brands in the world in the segment of production of plant protection products. Back in 1946, Emilio Gagliardini, together with Professor Baldo Ciocca, founded a company in Italy for the production and marketing of agrochemicals. Innovative solutions and effective work on the formation of the customer base allowed the company to become one of the leaders of the Italian market .

Currently, the company is an independent family company, the president of which is Nadia Gagliardini, the granddaughter of one of the founders. SIPCAM OXON develops solutions for the global market, constantly improves production technologies and strictly complies with all necessary environmental safety standards. The growth of the company’s indicators over the past 10 years has amounted to more than 40%.

Gradually, enterprises began to open both in Italy and abroad. Active work begins outside European countries, sales start in the USA, Australia and China. In 1970, the OXON company was opened, which specializes in the synthesis of active ingredients using its own patented technologies, such as microcapsulation and others. Thus, the principle of “from the molecule to the field” was implemented, when all the stages from the synthesis of the active substance, the formulation of the finished drug and up to the sale to the end user, and in fact the application on the field takes place within one company. In 2018, the two companies merged into one under the SIPCAM OXON brand.

SIPCAM OXON has 29 representative offices around the world, 500 registered trademarks and more than 1,000 highly qualified employees on staff. The company is engaged in the production of plant protection products and seed production at 7 production sites, mainly located in Italy. Despite the general trend in the world, in 2022 the company, being a family and independent company, enters the Russian market under the SIPKAM RUS brand, offering Russian customers the best high-quality and unique solutions that allow them to achieve joint success!

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Afrodita 250

Highly effective fungicide to combat a wide range of diseases to protect potatoes and vegetable crops of open and closed ground. Long-term preventive and healing effect.

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A high-tech microencapsulated insecticide for effective protection against a wide range of pests. Excellent effectiveness against a wide range of the most important gnawing and sucking pests at all stages of development.

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