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Industrial Seeds

High quality seeds are fundamental for high yield

AGROSORS is one of the major seed wholesalers in Russia. For twenty years, we have been supplying the industrial and vegetable seeds to the farmers, minor agribusinesses and larger holdings. Our clientèle enhances on the yearly basis due to our quality products and fast delivery. We partner with the internationally leading manufacturers of high-quality and high-yield seeds. Seeds from MAS Seeds, Pioneer, KWS, Prograin and other dependable manufacturers are readily available from us at the very best price.

Any and all seeds that arrive in Russia are duly checked and inspected. All seeds are duly certified and recorded in the government roster. Such roster is open to the public, so you may check the variety you want to purchase by yourself at any time. If you have any questions related to the choice of seeds, do not hesitate to ask for agronomic advice from our employees. We have feedback from various climates on each and every variety of crops. If necessary, we can quickly find seeds on your request.