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The future is here

The soil spraying drones is the most cost-effective and efficient treatment practice. The use of cutting-edge machines is totally free from human error. Your costs will be cut tremendously thanks to high-precision spraying of water and crop protection products, and rationalized routes. We will gladly spray your field by our drones. If such technology looks insufficiently established to you, just give us a lot of land for drone spraying to further compare it with regular ground spraying.

The automatic RAKURS-M CF26 complex from CROPFLEET is a turnkey drone spraying solution. The CROPCOP CF26 drones can spray CPPs, water and be completely self-sustainable. Do not hesitate to visit our web-site if you want to purchase an agrodrone at a reasonably low price. This sort of spraying technique has not yet become mainstream in Russia. The problem is that Russian agricultural community is pretty conservative and relates hypercautiously towards any innovation. Be one step ahead with AGROSOROS!