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The Swiss AVENTRO Sàrl was founded in 2005. It was organized by a highly skilled team whose agricultural experience dates back to the 1980-s. Today, it is a major supplier of crop protection products, nutrition products and surfactants from Europe and the US to Eastern Europe and Asia. You can visit our web-site to purchase AVENTRO pesticides, adhesives and defoamers at wholesale delivered to any corner of Russia. AgroSkill is AVENTRO’s official national distributor. Our Swiss partners offer a diverse product portfolio.

The present product line covers all possible industry needs. Today’s market leaders are the AVENTROL FORTE adhesive, VAPOUR GUARD crop protection, and SPRAY-AID COMPLEX water softener. The company runs the advanced laboratories and employ the leading CPP, fertilizer and surfactant developers. Using these products, you choose the dependable and efficient materials. You can visit our virtual store to purchase AVENTROL FORTE, VAPOUR GUARD and SPRAY-AID COMPLEX at a reasonable price.

Our Specialty Products

Terra-Sorb Foliar

TERRA-SORB FOLIAR® is an antistress biostimulant based on free amino acids and derived from a proprietary enzymatic hydrolysis technique. It is reinforced with free amino acids that act as nutrients and root growth promoters. The trace elements within the compound work as a gentle supplement to the plant nutrition pattern. All these bring out the quick action after application.

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Terra-Sorb Complex

TERRA-SORB COMPLEX® is a more powerful compound of an antistress biostimulant with a doubled level of amino acids and a wide range of trace elements. A doubled level of amino acids and wider range of trace elements for even better pollination. Maintains balance between biostimulation and provision of nutrients for overcoming the critical development periods and severe stresses.

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Foam Terminator Forte

A defoamer for the suppression of foam in sprayer tanks after foam production. Foam production in sprayers does not seem a problem. However, it may become a far more serious issue if seen closer. Our Foam Terminator helps you avoid such issues. It is extremely easy to use because it can suppress foam after it is produced.

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Spray-Aid Complex

A hard water softener, and a product and spray mixture stabilizer. Developed specifically for hard water and lower spray material pH to make even very bad water good for spraying.

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Vapour Guard

A natural antitranspirant, a “Fruit Defender” for a higher yield and production of fruit and vegetables. Increases quality and quantity of the yield.

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Aventrol Forte

A multi-function natural adjuvant used for protecting and extending the “useful lives” of contact surfactants and assuring better penetration of the systemics. Aventrol Forte deploys the unique capability of natural pinolenes to build a polymeric membrane which has absolutely no impact on plant physiology.

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A multi-function surfactant that improves the performance of the systemics and extends the useful activity of contact materials. Maximizes the performance of the materials for integrated crop protection even in bad weather. Helps more sprayed materials reach the plants and augments the amount of such materials that stays on or within such plants.

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