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A Global Market Player

UPL is the 5th largest global CPP production company. The company supplies its products to 140 countries. Today, it is not just a manufacturer, but a comprehensive global food system. You can visit our AgroSkill virtual store to purchase UPL pesticides at wholesale and a reasonable price. The producer deploys the cutting-edge technologies and formulae combined with a localized approach to mixtures which flexibly respond to the customer needs.

In addition, the company finances the research of each single phase of the lifecycle of cultivars and plants. You can purchase UPL CPPs at the catalog price from our catalog. The company focuses on the fast-growing, expensive and differentiated segments through the use of innovative products and well-designed treatment plans. If you choose the UPL herbicides, you get the efficient products and high yield.

Our Specialty Products

Tebaz Pro, SC

A high performance systemic complex fungicide used for the protection of crops, rape, sugar beets and soy from a number of diseases. Tebaz Pro also modifies plant physiology, which increases the productivity potential and resilience to the environmental impacts during the growing season.

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